Arlene Laskey

I love to draw and paint, mostly in acrylic, and create mixed media works which incorporate a range of found materials, fragments of text and collaged elements. Curiosity drives me forward while my work draws upon memory, observation and imagination.

Formative years spent on family farms bound me to the land which inspires so much of my recent work. Many of my abstract acrylic paintings express a love of and concern for the land we inhabit and depend on and the people whose stewardship maintains it.

Colour, form and surface texture recall and honour the past, allude to the landforms, vegetation, watercourses and atmosphere of our region or make reference to the human and environmental issues with which we grapple.

Additionally, I have created works about individuals and the experiences that have shaped their lives. In these unique portraits, I am concerned with the invisible substance of lives lived as much as with the visible surface.

My work has been described as “complex”, “intriguing”, “powerful”, “evocative” and “layered”.  It is a joy to discover that others find pleasure in what I create because I feel I must.

See an interview at my Brantford Artist Gallery web page